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WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Controversy… Yeah, you read that right, A Controversy! The new updated policy had created a Controversy! And I know most of us just agreed to the policy and accepted its terms and conditions without even reading it.
The popular messaging service WhatsApp recently saw a large group of users shift to other messaging platforms. And the reason for this shift was an updated privacy policy.

Whatsapp announced a new privacy policy states that users can no longer opt-out of sharing the data with Facebook. The user data like phone numbers, pictures, some content of the messages will automatically be shared with Facebook. The new policy came into effect on 8th February.
Whatsapp gave users two options under the new policy, wherein they could either agree to share the information with Facebook or stop using the app and delete the Whatsapp account. The policy caused a nuisance in the users, and they did not take it lightly. At this right time, Elon Musk urged people to use another messaging app, Signal. This rival app saw a massive boost in new users.

This privacy policy caused a frenzy and showed that the customers and the users value their privacy and they want to know who has access to their information. Whatsapp later clarified that the company doesn’t collect any personal data from the messages between the family and friends but the information that the user sends to any business. Whatsapp dosen’t share the location data, call logs or private chats with family and friends with Facebook. The business conversations held with the social network might be accessed and readable, which will be used for advertising to manage their communication. It also stated that these conversations with businesses that are using the hosting services from Facebook would clearly be labeled.

It also explained that the update now provides more transparency on how WhatsApp collects that data. But even with this clarification, the updated policy raises some red flags about users’ privacy and permission.
Whatsapp explained that it is an end-to-end encrypted service. And it will not weaken its security, and each chat is labeled for users to know what is happening with their information. Keeping records for two billion users is a privacy and security risk, and that they don’t do it. It also reminded users of the disappearing messages feature. This new feature launched a few months back just for additional privacy, allows the users to opt for automatically letting the messages and chats disappear after seven days.

Again for the users who are still worried about what information is being collected by WhatsApp. They can download it from the app by going to the Settings, then Account and then Request Account Info. This will generate a report in three days so that users know what is happening to their information.

Just because of one changed privacy policy Whatsapp and Facebook have started facing trust issues, and it might take some time for users to get back to the people they lost and build the same trust again. And at the end, I would like to tell you all to be considerate, read, and give it a thought and confirm, while you accept any terms and conditions.


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