DIY Home Decor Tips for Making Your Room an Interesting Place

All of us love things that look pretty and add on to the beauty of other things. Don’t we? So, why should we lag behind when it comes to decorating your abode or room? Mostly all girls love to decorate their room in a brilliant way to makes it look attractive. In fact, even some boys like to decorate their interiors similarly. Therefore, here we have brought you some easy-beezy DIY home decor tips to help you make your room prettier.


How to decorate your home amazingly in low budget?

Decorating your house doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy on your pocket. You can bring about some awesome transforms to your room interiors in a budget-friendly way too. All you’ve got to do is to let the ‘creativity ka keeda’ out! To guide you, we’ve enlisted some DIY room decor ideas below that effectively uplift the look of your house:


Display a Stylish Wall Hanging:

The first thing which you could try for decorating your wall is display a wall hanging. Wall hangings make your wall look amazing!


  • Make a wall hanging using egg tray:

Take an egg tray, paint it in your favorite colors. Then decorate it with some artificial flowers, mirrors or blings. Finally, make a hole on the top corner of the tray and insert a string. Tada! This piece is now ready to hang on your wall.


  • Make a wall hanging using CDs and bangles:

Another type of wall hanging is made using junk CDs and bangles. Take woolen strings in different shades and wrap it around both the objects. Now stick some decorative stars on it. After this, join the CDs and the bangles with the help of fancy-looking strings. Furthermore, you could also attach some colored feathers at the bottom of this piece. Lastly, make a loop out of a strong, yet plain thread and connect it with your newly made wall hanging. Now your wall is assured to look striking!


Display Painted Pottery and Handcrafted Flowers:

Another thing that you could to elevate the appearance of your room is display beautiful pottery or flower vases. So, what are you waiting for? Become a creative potter!


Buy a small pot or a vase from a local street market and beautify the pottery by painting designs on it. You can customize it as per your choice and theme of the room! Simply embellish it with beads, colorful stones and glitter. You can further stylize it further with diamond shaped sequences which are easily available in the market.


Handmade flowers being the best accompanists for vases and pottery, consider making paper flowers. Use colored papers, organza cloth or stocking cloth for as petals of your flower, broomstick or binding wire in place of stem. Now stuff a bunch of those handmade flowers into your pottery and proudly display it on your table or on the shelf.


Showcase Your Awards with Pride:

The awards, momentos and the certificates that you receive for you your outstanding performance are the most prized possessions. Showcase them in your room with pride.


Certificates and medals are something which we all treasure for lifetime! Put up the shields and awards on racks or frame these momentos and turn your room into a “down the memory lane” gallery!


Stick Posters or Paste Stickers:

Since your personal space reflects whom you are, decorate it to suit your personality, taste and gender. Thus, while decorating your room, be mindful of your personality and choose decorative items accordingly.



So, if you are a girl, buy some Barbie posters or stickers from the market and stick them in your room. However, if you are a boy, go for some cars or Batman posters. This adds a touch of fun to the overall look the room. Moreover, you can also decide to set a particular theme for your room and design everything according to it.


Stay tuned for more creative home decor tips and DIY ideas.

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