The weird and wonderful gravity-defying places on earth that challenge the laws of physics


Gravity-defying places on earth that challenge the laws of physics!

The weird and wonderful gravity-defying places on earth that challenge the laws of physics


Nature can act inexplicably in a lot of ways. With occurrences that have been discussed for years, these continue to puzzle the people to date. Such popular phenomenons are places that defy the universal concept of gravity. While gravity is proven to draw everything down to the center of the earth, there are some places where this force becomes zero or does not work. Scientists have debated this, saying that it is an illusion while locals have added superstitious or mystery elements to the happenings at such places.


1. The Reverse Waterfall

In the Peak District of England, located near Hayfield, the waterfall does not fall, but it flies up, making it look like a fountain due to scattering. The secret lies in the strong winds that push the water right up to the start of the fall. The surprising question is, from where such strong wind is generated to scatter the 80 feet waterfall.

Gravitational forces normally dictate that anything that goes up must eventually come down.

Nothing anti-gravitational was to blame for the unexpected occurrence. It is rare but entirely natural. Rather, high winds lifted the water from the basin it usually fell into and sent it gushing upward as if the waterfall is reversing itself.

The Reverse Waterfall


2. The Mystery Spot

The mysteries of this mystery spot never end. The Mystery Spot is a gravitational abnormality located in the deep redwood forests in California. This place is a circular area of effect around 46 meters or 150 feet in diameter. The remote cabin therein is referred to as a forbidden ground by the natives. In the spherical field, everything is lifted above the ground, and nothing falls. People find it difficult even to walk straight on the floor.

Within the Mystery Spot, you will be surprised as your insights into the laws of physics and gravity will be questioned. Whatever the reason is, it remains a mystery for all.

The Mystery Spot


3. Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats, located on the border of Turkey and Armenia, is another such mysterious place. Some phenomenons happening here defy the laws of physics and gravity. The river here flows from the bottom to the top. If you put your car on neutral, it will climb uphill, even without a driver. Here, walking up the hill feels easier than walking down. It seems like all the gravity laws have disappeared here.

Mount Aragats


4. Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam, which is 726 feet tall, is located between Nevada and Arizona in the United States. People perform anti-gravity experiments here. If you pour water from the dam, it flows upwards and scatters rather than going down. Even any lighter object that is thrown down drifts upwards. This is not mysterious, but it is actually the result of the strong winds that flow upwards and defy the earth’s gravitational force.

Hoover Dam


5. The Mysterious Road

The Mysterious Road is located on Jeju Island, South Korea. This road is just a road that defies the laws of gravity. It is an optical illusion that was created accidentally. Things look to roll uphill here, and that looks puzzling to the spectators. The real reason behind this is, what appears to be an uphill slope is actually a downhill slope, and it seems like that just due to the high surrounding areas. But it is fascinating to witness this phenomenon to make the gravity laws question!

The Mysterious Road

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