The school is no longer the same as before.

Little children in school uniforms are going to chirp in the street at seven in the morning. The picture is not new. However, the scene has changed in the last six months due to the Coronavirus.

Everyone is happy to see the little children back on the streets this morning. In this city, the schools and colleges are slowly returning to the rhythm by unlocking the lockdown. The mind danced thinking that they would go to school together again just like before.

Will things get back as they were before? Is it the New Normal?

There is a concern all the time. Everyone is extra cautious.

Now, the students have to sanitize their hands before entering the school. Assemblies or prayer meetings that used to take place before have been omitted. Schools with narrow passages between two classrooms have introduced one-way rules to avoid crowds.

To avoid crowds on the playground, break times have been changed. Not more than two people can go to the toilet at the same time. You have to take it outside and eat it while sitting at a distance. The school is encouraging only those games that can be played at a social distance. They are not use each other’s things unless absolutely necessary.

In fact, it is not easy to maintain a ‘physical distance’ between children in school. Is it easy for the students to obey the rules of two meters distance? However, those who are in higher classes, they might understand a bit of the ‘social distancing’.

To maintain distance, rules have been introduced in schools. Schools in Wales or Scotland do not have a distance of 2 meters.

In Wales or England there are no clear guidelines on the conducts. In areas where lockdowns are on, students aged seven and over are being asked to wear masks inside and outside the classroom. Two schools have already been closed due to the spread of the infection.

Authorities of a particular school decided to close the school as five workers there tested positive. Another 100 students at a school in Staffordshire were sent to seclusion after an infection was detected at a school in Staffordshire on Friday. Three schools in England and at least eight in Wales have reported infections. The administration, however, is making all preparations to prevent the infections in the school.

The death toll in Britain is lower than ever before but the number of infections have risen. As the lockdown rush loosened, the infection is now spreading among the younger ones.

Matt Hancock, Britain’s health minister, has called on young people to maintain a distance to prevent infections between the elderly and the sick at home.

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