The Most Dreadful Night- An Encounter With Paranormal Activities!


It was mid-June, when my summer vacations began. On the very first day of the vacation, I planned to visit my aunt’s house. Since my aunt was not home and would return at night, I thought of landing up after 10:00 p.m.



On that day, my father had night duty, so my mom had to drop me there. I packed my bag, stuffing three sets of clothes, comb, tooth brush and my anti-acne face wash. After finishing our dinner, mom and I had set out.

The road that we had to pass through to reach our aunt’s house was known to be haunted. Frightened as I was, but my mom’s bravery overshadowed my cowardness. I felt that someone was following us while we were comfortably walking down the road.

The street lights suddenly went off and it was pitch-black. We carried on, praying to reach of destination quickly. As we walked by, the pine trees behind us made eerie sounds. The wind whistled and we saw huge, long shadows approaching us.

We froze! Words failed us! We took a step back-another one- one more-and then the torch light hit our eyes. Oh! They were the policemen who were patroling! No sooner did we reach my aunt’s place than I unpacked my stuff. My mother decided to stay over night as she was scared!

We all cousins were to sleep together and so we lay with earphones plugged and music on. My cousin was fast asleep when I felt thirsty. I got up from the bed and left for the kitchen. The lights were turned off and it was all gray. I was getting a really freaky vibe but couldn’t discover the reason. However, I proceeded to the kitchen with the help of the faint light coming from the neighborhood and heard some soft footsteps behind me.



I turned around to check if I could see someone there behind. There cold sweat on my forehead and then I heard the sound of tinkling anklets. I lost all my senses and tried to scream but my vocal cord didn’t support me. From the sliver opening of the bathroom door, I saw a white figure waving at me!

I turned to run back to my room but the figured appeared in front of me. It wore a long white cloak, and had filthy, long nails and hair that seemed as if they weren’t trimmed for over 3 months! It was so spooky that I fell numb and had goosebumps. The figure then spoke and when it spoke I lay absolutely unconscious!

The next day I woke up to find myself in a hospital. My total unconsciousness panicked my parents. They started wondering as to what must have happened until I regained my senses. However, I decided not to tell anything to anyone. Ever since that incident, I started believing in paranormal activities!

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