It was already late at night, when Hasan came home with a frustrated mind. That day, he didn’t receive any of his girlfriend’s calls. On returning home, to his surprise, his girlfriend, Hanya was sitting next to his mother in his house. But, he still ignored her.

“Arrey Hasan beta…Why are you so late today??? We were waiting for you here.”, complained his mother.

“Sorry Mamma! I was stuck with office work.”, Hasan replied. He then asked, “Is the dinner ready?”, to divert his mother’s mind from the issue of coming back late.

She told, “Of course, beta! You go and freshen up first, then we’ll have dinner together.

Hasan said, “Okay!” and climbed the stairs.


Hanya knew that he was angry. She wanted follow him to his room. So, she asked his mother for permission by saying, “Aunty he’s angry on me… May I go to upstairs and convince him?”

Hasan’s mom agreed as she was aware that Hanya resided in her son’s heart and that he wouldn’t be calm until she goes and speak him.


Hanya climbed the stairs and knocked at the door. She heard him say, “Yes? Come in.”

She enters the room and he wasn’t expecting that she”ll come to his room… It was the first time when she had came to his room …..


Hasan’s heart filled with immense joy seeing her there, but he didn’t react. He continued to pretend that he was still angry. He felt her head on his shoulder, but didn’t turn around.


Such heartless behavior of Hasan really dissapointed Hanya! She didn’t expect such a cold reaction from him. She thought that Hasan would burst out with happiness on seeing her in his room and would start conversing with her.

“I’m really sorry Boo, I know that you are angry, but please Boo… Listen to me once. I have a good news for you.”, told Hanya in a loving tone.

“We are getting engaged tomorrow Babes and I’m so happy that I went to shopping.”, disclosed Hanya.

“I thought, I’ll meet and tell this to you directly Boo! Speak to me na… At least say something please.”, she insisted further.


Hasan pushed her away angrily and yelled, “Sssshhhh!!!”

“You aren’t like you were before Hanu. You’ve changed! You don’t care for me like you did before! I don’t wanna speak to you, until you don’t make me feel happy.”, he grumbled.

Hanya gently kissed forehead and both of them were lost in the moment.


She then began confessing, “Once there was a boy who made me fall for him when I was just 13! It was when, I didn’t even know what love was…”

“I hardly knew the meaning of closeness of heart, but he was special to me in every manner! He impressed me at every stage of my life by his kindness and support.”, she continued.

“I was ordinary, but he made me extraordinary! The feeling that I’m constantly in thoughts throughout the day, is the bestest feeling that I could ever come across. I won’t change Boo…”, Hanya assured him.


Then Hasan kissed her and said, “You are the most unexpected surprise that I received, when I was least expecting anything good to happen to me.”

He further expressed his love saying, “The collisions of stars slammed me into you and it sent my little world plummetting into an ocean. It was a defining moment of my life.”

“I never thought this to be so beautiful! Though we have lots of fights, but it’s like that rain which clears the clouds of misunderstanding and set in complete peace…. It’s you, only you, THE GIFT OF MY LIFE!”, he confessed ❤.


Not every love story is sets lovers apart! Some can even stay together, if their love’s true, while others can part even though, it’s true. The only thing that needs clarification is a misunderstanding between the two hearts, which is the major cause of separation.

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