The Facts that You Didn’t Know about Earth Hour!



The Earth Hour event was started by WWF- World Wide Fund for Nature.

This event was started in 2007 as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney, Australia. It is now one of the most significant global movements for the environment.

It is held every year on the last Saturday of March, engaging millions of people in around more than 180 countries switching off their lights for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. to show their support for our planet and the environment.

Earth Hour now is not just an hour of switching lights but has become a medium for the positive environmental impact that leads to significant legislative changes by channelizing the power of people and their collective efforts.

Earth Hour is an open-source movement, and everyone and anyone is welcome to take part and help strengthen the mission to unite people to protect our environment.

Previously, this event was held by huge gatherings of people on roads or open spaces, but now due to the Covid crisis, this environmental initiative will be completely virtual as many places are under lockdown.

In 2021, the world leaders will come together during crucial global conferences and meetings to set the environmental plans agenda for the next decade and ahead for the entire world. Vital political decisions that will directly affect the future of humanity and our planet for years to come will be made on climate action, environment, nature, and sustainable development.


With the support of people, Earth Hour 2021 could be a limelight moment that puts nature at the centre of international conversations. Together, we can speak up and show the world leaders and other decision-makers around the globe that the environment and nature matter, and urgent actions must be taken to reverse the loss of nature.

The WWF tries to make the people more and more aware of the imminent dangers of the adverse climate to put pressure on the respective governments to set up environment-friendly legislation, policies, and laws.

With Earth Hour, the WWF intends to engage people across the globe to adopt a more sustainable way of life. Turning off the unnecessary lights for an hour is just a yearly reminder that if the world does not rectify its ways, it will be leading to a dark age, literally.

So on this Earth Hour, let’s come together and pledge to be considerate about the environment, for that’s the only important thing for the survival of the coming generations.

Question yourselves! If not now, then when? And start now, because it is better late than never!

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