Terms & Conditions

Here, “you” is referred to the users (the person who has accessed service of the website by publishing content here). Whereas, “we” is referred to the website, its owners, partners and representatives (the providers of service).



At Inkfinityyy, we follow certain rules while accepting content and making payment to our writers.

Given below are the criteria that determine the acceptance or rejection of content and payment guidelines:


  • Originality:

The content you post must belong to you originally, which means it should be written by you and not anyone else.

In case your friends or acquaints wish to get their content featured on Inkfinityyy, they can get themselves registered directly or approach us on our email id.

  • Quality:

The content you provide us should be well-written, punctuated and grammatically correct as we don’t compromise on quality.

Though we are here for your welfare, we don’t accept poorly written content. We neglect small errors and rectify them before publishing. But, when mistakes are large in number, we would reject.

  • Plagiarism:

We are strictly against plagiarism and don’t encourage copying works of other writers by any means.

We check submitted content for plagiarism before approval. If the content is found to be plagiarized, it gets rejected immediately.

  • Word length:

We expect each of your articles/stories to contain a minimum of 500 words and can go up to any length as per your desire.

However, in special cases, we might consider accepting content of 300 words and above.

  • Use of images or video content:

To make your content visually appealing, you can make use of relatable images that could either be original or downloaded.

But, if you wish to upload a video or a slideshow along with your write-up, it ought to be original, by this we mean those images and videos which don’t bear any logo, watermark or copyright.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t use personal pictures of any kind whether they be your selfies or photos of your family/friends. Nevertheless, feel free to use the pictures of celebrities.

  • Restrictions on adult content:

A little decency of yours is expected from our side as we have children too, as our audience and contributors.

We restrict you from posting adult content in the from sex education articles, erotic stories, content promoting drug and alcohol abuse or encouraging violence.

Nude pictures, sexually suggestive pictures, pornographic videos, images showing drugs and guns or extreme violence are strictly prohibited!

Accounts of those, who are found guilty of posting adult content shall be banned from Inkfinityyy permanently after a warning.

  • Review and approval:

Although our writers remain our top priority, it might take up to 48 hours for us to review, edit and approve your content. Your patience for after submission would be appreciated.

  • Pricing:

We pay you 50 INR soon after approval of your content.


However, we don’t pay anything for rejected work. We always inform you when any of your write-ups get rejected and that you won’t be getting paid for it.

  • Royalty:

Your association with us doesn’t simply end here after receiving the payment!

You also get a lifetime royalty for your work.

Yes, you heard it right! “A ROYALTY FOR LIFETIME!” gets paid to you.

We pay 10 INR per 100 views on each post at the end of every month.

So, as our motto says, “YOU WRITE, YOU SHARE AND YOU EARN!” – you would need to share your post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Status and even via DMs on Instagram.

The more often you share, more likely are the chances of increasing the number of views on your post and more royalty you shall receive. 

Keep sharing!

  • Payment method:

Once we review and approve your work, you get paid instantly in INR. We pay using various methods such as UPI (Google Pay, Paytm and Phone Pe) and neft/rtgs (bank transfer).

You must type your Paytm number, UPI ID or bank details like account holder’s name, bank name, branch name and IFSC code below your write-up for ease of payment.

Alternatively, you can drop an email on our Email ID with the subject ‘Article’s Payment’.