Skincare Product you need more than just CTM

Do you wonder, how to build your skincare, or how much skincare product you need? It’s not that hard, but most misled you by telling thousands of skincare products or they aren’t talking about important things at once.


 I know CTM is the 3 basic steps of skincare, but what if your skin needs more than just CTM? CTM simply means cleaning, toning and moisturising. Sometimes your skin needs more attention, more skincare products and today you will talk about 3 basic skin 

care product.

1. Sunscreen: Never avoid this skincare product

You are already using it, regularly or irregularly. But it’s no secret that you need to apply and reapply it very frequently. And do you also skip it, on rainy, cloudy or cold days? I mean when the Sun goes on vacation!! Hehe, kidding. So, if the sun doesn’t go to the tour, why do you skip sunscreen? 


No matter how much expensive skincare products you use, a Sunscreen is a must when going out. It not only saves you from sunburn, tan and ageing but also prevents some skin cancer. An SPF Above 30 is good, but more SPF is more Good.

2. Face serum: The Magic Formula

Magical skincare product, that’s what serum is. Face serum has a high concentration of active ingredients; that show effects on your skin sooner than other products. 

Face serum: skincare product

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The list of benefits of face serum is so long, and you can check this article for everything on face serum. Most popular face serum benefits are, anti-ageing, acne treatment, hydration etc. 


You can choose your concern area and choose the best Face Serum ingredients for you. You can give a special boost weekly with face Sheet Mask, which are senses with Serum.

3. Eye cream: essential skincare product

Oh, Eye cream!! Ah- My Moisturiser is enough. One another skincare product? It’s cool but I don’t think I need it!


If these are your thinking, your eye is missing the attention they need. That part is sensitive. They show wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles easily. Eye cream especially treats those, which a normal moisturiser can’t. 


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Final Thought:

I know, many of you are not convinced yet. Some are afraid of the money. Yet these will not cost you more than 500, per month. 


What do you think? Are you going to include this skincare product in the cart?

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