Myth about true love: Don’t believe this 9 facts for better Love life

Infographic showing myths about true love

How many quotes are just “Myth about true love”?


O maa go, Turu Love.

It’s getting viral so fast. And it’s not the first in this trend.

As an active social media user, I notice a lot of meme and inspirational Quotes on True love, relationship and Breakups.

As I am very active in Social media, I see these kinda post most of the time. Most of them are Myth about true love, nothing else.

Baby, you are too innocent. All those heavy words are not something you should be fall for.

The myth about relationships is so viral that people face break up or hook up with a toxic one.

I don’t want you to fall in these traps. You trust me (So, reading my inks, right?), so, I collected the 9 most dangerous myth about love.

#1 Myth about true love: Love just happened


OH-Ho, do you believe it too?
A lot of Quotes said love is something “just happened as a miracle”.

In reality, you can’t fall in love with a go. That vives, eye connection and first touch are much, much rare in today’s world. Don’t confuse lust with love.

You should make things work, know one another. You will learn more in the next points about it.


#2 Myth about true love: Love is easy


Crap!! The fakest thing I heard about love.

Love is simple, I know. But, it’s not something “ready to eat meal”. You have to cook it all together.

Sacrificing for each other, making things better, fixing the problems together is not something “Not to happen” thing.

Like life, you will feel pain too in love. But, it worth it. Don’t think it does not love if you have to work for a relationship.

#3 Myth about true love: they should love you as you are



We want someone who loves us unconditionally, who loves the real us. I do not deny it.

But it does not mean that you SO have to love your shitty sides too. Yeah, we all have dark or weak sides.

Love is about growing together, not ignoring the poor sides. Genuine love will encourage to “Change for better”.

#4 Myth about true love: You need not express yourself


Reading other’s mind is an art. But everyone can’t master it.

It’s relatively easy to understand the psychology of our lovers. Tho it’s never mean they will understand every bit of you.

Be open and talk frankly. It would reduce stress from a relationship.

#5 Myth about true love: You will never fight



We are human. We may have disagreement sometimes.

If you have conflicts, it does not imply that your relationship is not worth time.
True love is not problem-free, it’s the way you two defeat the problems.

#6 Myth about true love: You will have romance all the time


Romanticism is, we all demand. But it does not define love.

Yeah, babe, you will not feel romantic 24×7, even if you love them with all your heart.

It’s natural.

#7 Myth about true love: You will find only one



People say there is only one soul mate for you. But it is not something countable.

If you can make a better understanding, you can have another one. A relationship is the results of both of you.

If you are toxic, you may find no one in the world.

#8 Myth about true love: They will be focused on each other



My best friend confesses me that, she is developing a crush on her colleague. She was so serious about the matter and said maybe she does not love her BF.

But I knew…how much love she has.

It’s our human nature to be driven to others in some weak moments. It also none other than a myth that it will not distract you in true love.

True love is transparent. You can share your thoughts and try new things so that distraction never harms your love.



#9 myth about true love: Love has two values, “Yes” or “No”



Many people and quotes proposed binary love theory.

I mean, you are “In Love” with or not in love with someone,

Is it true? Not at all.

You may love someone more or less.


Final Thought:

Love is something you work for, like any other success. It’s the way you two develop the bond.

The cheap Internet makes everyone a poet and Philosopher.

Do you want to lose your peace with these stupid mistakes?
Definitely, No one does.

Spread the words to make a better world.

You can comment, the more myths you know!!!

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