My First Sports Day

Sports have been my common area of interest. I have been an active participant all through my school life. Although I used to participate in every sports activity, relay and sack race sack race were my favorite sports. So, here I’m going narrate a flashback of my school sports day.

It was a Monday morning. We all were standing for our morning assembly with sun overhead. Our Principal, with one hand on her waist, and the other grabbing the mike, stood there. We held our breaths as her expressions revealed she was hiding something. The Principal then declared the “Loreto Day School sports event” would commence on 28th of December 2018”. All of us got excited and overjoyed.

Finally the sports day arrived. All of us were ready, in blue t-shirts with white stripes and red tracks on. I wore my best pink sneakers which supposedly brings me luck! I had participated in the sack race. In no time, my event’s turn had arrived. Ten of us who participated, stood at the starting line. With our sacks on, we waited for our sports teacher, Madam Scoob to blow the whistle.

Our eyes then gleamed with excitement, thrill, anxiety and all possible emotions! Xavier’s playground seemed as a limitless sea to me! I felt my heart doing somersault! No sooner did Madam Scoob blew the whistle, than we started jumping like kangaroos towards the finish line. Some of my fellow mates fell in the mid-way, while others fell even before. I was on the third position hopping forward.

My friend Brulie, who was already ahead on the first position, looked back and therefore lost her balance. Taking an opportunity, I sped up and had outdone the first and the second participants. Using all possible strength, I took a last leap like a frog and reached the finish line. Right infront of me stood my mother waving at me and cheering.

The judge, Madam Hooch then announced my name as a winner! My principal did the honors of making me wear a gold medal. I also received a certificate that beared my name and class in bold. I felt as if I was on nine cloud with my spirits up high, soaring in the air!

My mother and I set off for home. On reaching home, I felt much contented. It felt amazing that my hard work had paid off!

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