My First Cooking Experience!

Cooking is a passion for some, while a curse for others. However, I always wanted to cook since childhood but was never permitted to.



It was the night of 28th September 2019, when my mom and dad had to go out for to attend a wedding ceremony. They dressed up. My mother, looking like princess Diana and my father looking like charming Bassanio, arms in arms set out for their night party.



I was all alone. So, I decided to cook the dinner for myself. This was going be my very first cooking experience. I thought of preparing some hot soupy noodles for myself.

I then put on my chef cap and apron, with a dish and a spatula in my hand, fantasizing myself to be the winner of the “Junior Master Chef” contest.

With a thump of the door bang, I came out of my Disney land. Then, I started reading the instructions at the back of the Maggi packet. I had set some water on the stove on a low flame to boil. Out of impatience, I added some salt it as I had read that the addition of salt to water increases its boiling point. Thus, it would help me in cooking faster. After the water had completely boiled, I added the cake of noodles and the Maggi masala to it. I then took some chopped beans and carrots out of the fridge and added them to my mouth-watering noodles on the stove.

While stirring the food for a minute, I covered the pan with a lid to let it cook for another three minutes. At that moment, I discovered the advertisements of 2-minutes instant noodles were false because Maggi doesn’t cook fully in two minutes! After noticing steams from the utensil, I turned the knob towards the right and then went to fetch a flat ceramic plate that could help my Maggi cool down faster. Finally I sat down and served myself with the delicious meal.

realized my favourite T.V. show was about to begin, so I ran and switched onn  the television. Within a few minutes, there I was, with the plate infront of me, fork and spoon in my hand, and my eyes popping out as I watched Ella winning her race. I then ate some Maggi.



No sooner did I put the spoon in my mouth than I ran towards the washroom. I felt nauseous. The salty taste and stale beans and carrots that I have added without noticing made me nauseous and sick. The “delicious feast” was absolutely tasteless, which meant I had added two buckets of water in a small pouch!

At that I realised why I was never permitted to cook. I disposed the Maggi into the bin. It was 12:00 a.m already and I hadn’t eaten my dinner yet. My stomach lurched and luckily, just then I heard the door bell. I felt immense relieve that I would finally get some food.

I will never forget this day in my entire lifetime. This was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever had. I had decided on that very day that I shall never ever attempt to cook. I imagined the consequences of myself cooking Biryani (which I always wanted to), when was the outcome of cooking Maggi! However, I had learnt the importance and value of food that day!

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