Lakes in India

Scenic beauty is something we all love. This article is going to be all about it. So if you’re a person who loves lakes and their glittering beauty, read till the end.

Let us start with the most famous one! Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s the Dal Lake! This lake lies in Srinagar, which is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Also know as “The Lake of Flowers”, this lake is perfect for tourism.

Now let’s move on to Chilika Lake! This is the largest brackish water lake! Since the lake is a shallow body of salty water, it is called a lagoon. It covers an area of about 1,100 km. The wildlife adds on to the allure of this lake. Some common species found here include- White Bellied Sea Eagles, Graylag Geese, Purple Heron and Flamingo Jacana.

Next we will speak about Loktak Lake, found in North East India!  The phumdis floating over it makes it unique. Loktak Lake lies in Mourang in Manipur. You can visit this lake when bored or craving for some fancy.

Lastly, we shall speak about the Wular Lake, found in Asia. It is located in the Bandipora District in Jammu and Kashmir. The size of this lake varies from 12 to 100 square miles. Jhelum River is the main source of water for this lake. It has a small island in its centre named “Zaina Lank”. King Zainul-Abi-Din constructed the island

I hope this article will help you. Nevertheless, you can have a go at these places during vacations!

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