Internet – The New God of Technology

As we all know, we are much dependent on internet for various reasons to carry out various important daily tasks. Be it messaging or video calling friends or having business discussions remotely, different kind of apps and internet is used. Completing home assignments for school and college also requires a certain amount of research. So, even students carry out research and gather the required information using internet. Nowadays, banking and bill payments are also made online. Food ordering, shopping, ticket booking, cab booking and what not? Everything in the world needs the use of internet. It has become a new God in the field of technological development.

The vast network of internet allows computer networks around the world run by different organizations to communicate with one another. This communication between computers takes place by making digital information travel around the world. A mass of cables, computers, data centers, routers, servers, repeaters, satellites and Wi-Fi towers enables such digital information to travel.

Internet is a global network that contains several high-bandwidth data lines that form the Internet ‘backbone’. This backbone comprises of a global network that contains several high-bandwidth data lines. They connect major internet hubs that distribute data to other locations, such as web servers and ISPs.

The internet carries a massive range of information resources and services to allow remote communication. Such information carrying services include the interconnected hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW). They also include email, telephony and file sharing.

The origin of the Internet date back to the 1960s. Back then, the United States Department of Defense introduced and managed packet switching and research. It enabled sharing of mainframe computers.

The major plus point of the internet is its ability to connect millions of devices and computers with each other. Owing its unmatched connectivity, internet makes sharing and receiving information convenient between users. Moreover, the internet also provides us with an opportunity to use the most trending technology of automation.

Internet opens the doors for making homes digitized and automated. In simpler terms, automation means connecting the entire electronics and switches of the house with Wi-Fi internet. Automation allows you operate the appliances by switching them on/off remotely, at a tap of a button in mobile phone. Thus, automation transforms your house into a truly ‘smart home’.




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