India’s first boat library, in Kolkata along River Hooghly.

We all have heard of India’s first floating post office, which is located on Dal Lake in Srinagar. But have you heard of a floating library in our country? Yes, a floating library! India has recently launched its first boat library in Kolkata along the river Hooghly. The West Bengal Transport Corporation, in association with a heritage book store, has launched the library. This moving library is called The Young Readers’ Boat Library. The library features over 500 collections of books across different genres in different languages, namely Hindi, English, and Bengali.

The floating library takes you on a three-hour-long trip starting from Millenium Park to Belur Math and then again to its original starting point. To enjoy this pleasant experience which the floating library provides, one needs to buy a ticket. The ticket for the adults is worth Rs.100, and for children, it is Rs.50. For people below 18 years, the ticket cost is very nominal, to promote and encourage the reading habit in the people of that age group.

This concept of the floating library seems to be new to many people, but that’s not so! There has been such a library in Manhatten since 2014. Another one is on the Gumani River in Bangladesh too, which works for the underprivileged people.

This is not just a library but also a wonderful place to enjoy the river’s scenic beauty. It will also include many activities like storytelling sessions, book launches, poetry sessions, dramatized reading, and music sessions, and even much more. The boat also has free wifi access for those on board. So get ready to experience the luck of being in a floating library onboard a ship.


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