How to cure pimples!!

“Bye Bye Pimples!”

We all want clear skin, don’t we? However, due to hormonal changes, the skin of the adolescents develop pimples. Remember, this is normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Be proud of your skin because….

You are amazing!

The reason for pimples is over activeness of the sebaceous glands. Pimples tend to appear on the skin if it is oily. Therefore, junk and oily foods should be avoided for a clear skin. Drinking lots of water is the best way to get a pimple-free skin! Not only for pimples but water is also the anti-dote for the house of diseases!

Next, eat lots of green vegetables and juicy fruits. This keeps your skin healthy, oil-free and hydrated. If your face is acne prone, avoid sweet and spicy food stuffs.

Moving on, washing your face is very necessary. It removes the dirt which may block your pores on the skin. This is also effective in removal of oil. Using an acne face wash is the best. However, a good quality soap can also be used.

One more way to combat this is by applying pack. Grinding orange peels and applying it all over your face is helpful. It helps the skin to exfoliate and dries out acne. Apart from this, you can also apply turmeric and honey face pack. Turmeric helps in restoration of the natural glow of the skin and honey acts as a booster. Applying this pack and leaving it for 25 minutes will give you a glowing tone!

However, if you are having intense acne, make sure to reduce oiling of hair! This will make your skin less oily and give happier results.

I hope this article will be of some help to you!

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