Tourist Attraction – Hemkund

A large number of Sikhs reliably adore the sacred excursion of Sri Hemkund Sahib. Implying ‘Pool of Snow,’ this Gurudwara lies 4329 meters above the sea level, in the setting of snow-clad mountains.



Also called the ‘spot of love’, Gurudwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib can be reached by crossing different landscapes. You get to traverse through thick woods, falls and stunning viewpoints on the Himalayas. However, this mesmerizing Gurudwara remains open only for two or three months somewhere between May and October. It stays closed during the harsh winter months.



Things To Do:

1) Trekking:

Visitors work hard to experience what it seems like moving to the head of the slope take up the exhausting excursion more than regularly. Few can oppose to take up journeying in the sloping town.

Trip up to the precarious peak and shout to the world, declare your appearance that is on the off chance that you need to. Dawn from one of these pinnacles is an incredible sight for specialists of regular excellence.

2) Skiing:

Skiing possibility is there in Hemkund. In the incline of the Gharwal Himalaya, you can get a chance to try skiing sport.



Things To Know:

According to the ‘BachitraNatak,’ the assorted of journals of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Hemkunt Sahib, was the site that housed the seven snow tops where he thought about in his past birth. Despite its intolerably hazardous scene and unforgiving cold climate, an enormous number of devotee visit the Hemkund Sahib. They watch them away from the lake and to search for the endowments of the Almighty.


Nearby Attractions:

The most attractive places near Hemkund Sahib are Auli, situated at a distance of 19 km and Valley of flowers at 3 km from Hemkund. On the other hand, Nainital is located at 14 km from here. Badrinath is 10 km away from Hemkund Sahib, while Madhyamaheshwar is located 37 km away.




With the apple ranches, old oaks and pine trees, Auli is no ordinary place in terms of beauty. It welcome you to witness the spell-binding view of the snow-hung mountain peaks. Besides skiing, you can go for different excursions in the inclines of Garhwal Himalayas. Auli is a standard resort in the Himalayan range returning to the 8th century AD. Also, the Valley of Flowers in Ghangaria is worth visiting.

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