Health, Happiness and Beauty

Some people think health and beauty are two different things. But to their surprise, let me tell you that they are totally inter-related. Yes, all aspects and realms of our lives connect with each other in some way or the other.



Now let me explain this concept to you with an example. For instance, you might have noticed that happiness gives your face a different kind of glow. If you are happy you can feel a vibrant shine on your face. When you are happy, your actions then seem more perfect when and you appear more beautiful than before. Also, you feel much more confident.




Talking from personal experience as a teenager that I once was, that even love imparts some blushing glow to your already-beautiful face! Look, I have already told you that all the things in your life are somehow related to each other. Love or the feeling of being loved brings happiness: that and happiness radiates out as a different kind of glow.  This mesmerizing glow of happiness reflects in your actions and illuminates your personality.



Now coming to discuss about the beauty products that guarantee to provide you with the best glow. In my opinion, they are just marketing to sell their brands by making such claims. No beauty product could impart you a glow or make you beautiful, unless you are healthy from within. If your soul is not merrier, you cannot expect a health product to transform you externally.




However, I am not discouraging you from using beauty products by calling them useless. Although, I think that internal happiness and satisfaction matters more. It gives you a natural glow which no beauty product can – whether expensive or cheap.



In the end, I can not convince or change anyone’s perspective regarding this topic. Also, I do not want you to simply agree with me, but I want you to notice such changes in yourself and your closed ones. I conclude by saying that when you actually observe those changes in someone, then you are definitely going to agree to my perception slightly, if not completely.

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