HAPPINESS- A Journey and Destination

No work, pressure or complicated relationships!
All day play.
Thus, childhood was bliss!

You say “No work!”

No one saw that learning “A for Apple and B for ball ” was as challenging as learning any formulas. That to at an age when I would stammer ten times before even taking my own name. “No pressure! ?”

To cry at different decibels to make the “adults” understand that whether my diapers need to be changed or I am getting hunger pangs. This was the highest level of pressure that I have ever been under.

“No complicated relationships!?”

In a society where riots take place in the name of religion, caste and creed. Playing with my maids children with the mere knowledge that ” he was somebody like me!” is the most complicated relationships that I have ever shared….

Me answering, “Both” to the question, “Whom do you love more ? Mom or Dad?”….is the most diplomatic kind of relationship I have ever been in. In spite of these, childhood was a bliss!

Determination was to play no matter how painful the wounds were and Success was getting a chocolate!
Life was not easy but I knew how to be happy!
If we did it then, we can do it today as well!

Happiness is the journey and it is only the ultimate goal.

There’s nothing beyond.
We’re all scientists in the mind and artists at heart. .
We’re all makers.

Inventing. Discovering. Drawing. Writing. Talking. Loving. Breathing. Dancing. Singing. Dreaming and doing everything that pleases us brings us happiness.
All of us are busy creating. Recreating, again and again the magic in the world which tries to create happiness, for you and me!

Thus, choose happiness as your destination. Be happy throughout the journey of your life.

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