Games you can play in lockdown!

I am pretty sure that all of you are bored just the way I am. With having nothing to do, most of us are going crazy. Therefore, I have some interesting games that you can play. You can play these with your friends and family. This will also strengthen the bond between you’ll. It will reduce communication gap and make you feel affectionately for the person.


The first one which you can try is pretty popular! Haven’t guessed it yet? We’ll, it’s LUDO. It’s a board game which 2-4 players can play. This game is played with pucks and dice. However, it is suitable both for children and adult. Ludo is fun and easy to play.


The next game which you can play is chess. It is a two player game. Chess sharpens your brains. This game pushes you to apply your brains and think harder. It is therefore helpful in mind sharpening. This too is a board game. Checkmate indicates the end of the game!


Next you can play twisters. You will get this game in a toy shop. It is about stretching your body and placing your hands or legs on the desired colour. This helps you become flexible. Since, it is a game which includes stretching, it is also good for your health.


The last game which I will recommend is monopoly. This game is about buying places with fake notes. Then whoever lands on the owned place has to pay the owner a sum of money. Fake money in this game grabs the children’s interests.

I hope this article was helpful and will bring a smile on your face!

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