Crowded clouds

About 10 years ago, it was a late night, when Kiara and I were traveling alone on the streets. Both of us were returning to our hostel after having fun with friends. We took the bus and it was common like every ordinary bus. We had been lucky enough that an old couple was also traveling along in the bus, since it was pretty late.


Now, let me introduce myself as Garima and I was a college student back then and Kiara was my room-mate in hostel. She was the only one in the whole world whom I could count on and confided in. Neither of us had a family to depend on. We were on our own: at least on our own back then. Kiara had a younger sister to look after when she graduated and a drunkard dad in the name of family. However, during that phase, she was focused and solely responsible for building her own career. Since we have given enough introduction about ourselves, let’s get back to the narration of the incident.


While seated in the bus, we fell asleep and woke up to find no one else on the bus except us. We were traveling in a wrong direction and being led to some unknown place. Kiara began to panic started yelling at the driver to stop the bus, but that bastard didn’t stop! Along with us, there were only 2 men on the bus: the driver and a friend of his. It was very clear from their behavior that their intentions were’t good for us.


At some point of the night, they stopped the bus in the middle of a highway near the woods. We were screaming for help, but no one was around to hear us. Within minutes those bastards separated us. One of them dragged Kiara into the woods, meanwhile I remained abducted by the driver in the bus. They kept harassing us and there was no one to help. Fortunately, I managed to escape from his grip and exited the bus. While running, I was hit by a car.


Now, you all must be wondering that I met with a terrible accident. Isn’t it? But no, you are wrong! I wasn’t injured because that bastard driver came and moved me away from the car at the right moment. He me tight and threatened me with a knife point at my belly. He pretended to be my boyfriend in front of the stranger in the car. But the stranger didn’t even step out of the car. After hearing a long hate speech given by the bastard driver, the car went ahead leaving us behind.


He held me by hair and again dragged me inside the bus. He resumed to molest me, but just like an Angel, the same stranger entered the bus and broke that bastard’s ribs. Gently he asked me to get out of the bus and I did the same. At that moment, I had no idea how Kiara was.


Soon after getting down, I started searching for Kiara. In the meantime, he guy burnt the bus along with the driver inside. It literally shocked me! As the bus began to burn, the bastard’s friend came running to his rescue.


I went looking for Kiara in the direction from where the driver’s friend came. Fortunately, he couldn’t hurt her. I brought her back on to the road. However, up on seeing the bus burning, she fainted. The stranger then assured me that I didn’t need to worry as those perverts deserved it. He told that they won’t die so soon.


“Please get into the car, I will drop you to your house.”, the stranger then requested. Since, we didn’t have any choice, we got into his car. We didn’t report the incident to the police because we didn’t have a family support. Also, we didn’t want to create problems for the guy who burnt the bus to save us.


At last, the guy introduced himself as Manish and I regret meeting him on this day, as he who destroyed both of our lives.


Crowded clouds

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