Celebrating 4 Years of Jio

Today, on 6th of September 2020, the fastest-growing Reliance Jio Infocomm network, celebrated it’s 4th birthday. Yeah! Exactly 4 year ago, everyone’s impatience to get our hands on a new Jio sim came to an end.


As you can remember everyone was very excited when the founder, Mukesh Ambani had announced the launch of a new telecom network? He announced that the network would provide us with free unlimited internet data. In his speech, he went further to mention that the network will have the highest speed of 4G. Eversince that day, we all waited for the launch of it’s anxiously.


Launched on 5th September 2016, Jio sims became publicly available on the very next day. The vision of Mukesh Ambani, made it possible to let us experience the lightning-fast speed of internet like never before! India’s first 4G network provided us with 1GB data per day absolutely free. This in turn released us completely from the burden of exorbitant rates of monthly 1GB 3G data recharge.


Allowing us the pleasure of live video streaming, Jio network has put a full stop to the irritation of buffering. With such high speeds of data, watching movies, download and upload of large became extremely easy. This opened doors for online education opportunities for students and home-based jobs for homemakers. Making banking and monetary transactions possible online, it digitized India in a real manner.


Excitingly, these benefits weren’t all! Jio Infocomm even allowed free unlimited calls and SMS to every network. Users rushed to register for on Jio’s network like a swarm of bees on a nectary flower! Moreover, a huge mass of other network users began migrating to Jio because of its irresistible offers. This led to a sudden crash in their economy and userbase.


rotesting against such great losses, other telecom companies boycotted Jio for a few months by preventing the communication between Jio users and their users. This resulted in a big controversy back then. However, by some filing Judicial cases, Jio emerged victorious. The order issued by TRAI pressurized the miscellaneous network providers to lift the blocks imposed by them on Jio.


Well-established and popular network as it has become today, we must take an opportunity to thank Jio. We must be grateful to it for bringing such a breakthrough in telecommunication by introducing 4G speeds in India.

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