Cast82 Malware : A banking Trojan in Android devices

Cast82 is a malware that moves around some android applications and effect them so they don’t work properly. The users that have installed the apps affected by the virus, experience unauthorized access to their financial credentials . According to a research, the virus then checks and goes through the entire device of the user.

The virus cast82 spreads through 9 android apps that were found during the same research. Those apps are:

  1. Beat Player
  2. Cake VPN
  3. Two versions of eVPN
  4. QR/Barcode Scanner MAX
  5. Music Player
  6. Pacific VPN
  7. Q-Recorder
  8. tool tip nattor library
  9. eVPN

Google play has encountered these apps that have the cast82 banking trojan  and users might face some serious issues due to it. It lets hackers to enter into the devices of the users but we can save ourselves from such viruses as well. In order to get away without getting any harm due to the virus, we must not download these applications from the android store. The users download it as a simple app but it is not as simple as it seems.

The creator of the malware passed through the google play’s security wall by the help of third party like github. This shows that mobile security is really important so that our important information remains private and saved from unauthorized access. Only scanning of the app is not enough as the hackers can manipulate the working of the application according to their will.

Not to forget, all the apps containing the banking trojan were well known and most of the people must have those downloaded on their devices.

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