Can too much haircolour damage your hair?

Can too much hair colour damage your hair?

If you are having to dye your hair over again, especially in the hot summer months. Then you may have noticed that the end result is less than desirable and your hair may appear dull.

If that is the case, remember this point.

Do not Add Excess Dye

If you have to dye your hair over again, there is a possibility that you could be adding excess dye to it. However, when people try too many colours, they could be risking their hair. It’s possible to ruin your hair by trying too many different colours at once.

You should start out with one colour. Once you have dyed it several times, and it looks good, then you can move on to another colour. This is applicable, whether you are using gel or liquid colours. If you are constantly wear too brightly coloured hair colour, then you should think about down on your excessive use.

If you have too much of  colours on you hair, it could look too messy. If you don’t have enough, it could damage your hair, making it look unhealthy. You can still dye it as often as and when you want but do so in moderation.

Remember to continuously moisturize your scalp and provide your hair with enough nourishments. Your hair might look attractive and different but deep down it can make them brittle and unhealthy. For this reason, regular spa and hair treatments are necessary. Make sure you don not damage your hair while following the fashion trend.

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