When one has to stay at home all day owing to a sickness, it often gets extremely exasperating. I still remember that fateful day in a month of June when I spent a day sick in bed.

The rain drenched me the previous day. Soon the symptoms of fever along with cold and cough started encompassing me. The next day my cold head worsened and temperature had shot up. My mother decided to not send me to school and the doctor advised rest and home food.

I felt drowsy because of the medication. I couldn’t watch television because that would strain my eyes. So I decided to read books. My mind kept thinking about all the fun my friends must be having in school and all that I have missed.

I felt miserable and bored on being inactive. Neither could I play nor watch television. All I could do was rest and rest which was extremely annoying. My mother kept checking on me throughout the day. I hated missing school. On those rare days I did, it was either due to some family function or my cousins.

This feeling of emptiness and idleness was new to me. Thus, I kept staring at the ceiling and felt restless. My blocked nose made me uncomfortable and I felt weak.

I cursed myself time and again for the guilty pleasure I had got into. Perhaps, I wouldn’t have been stuck in bed had I taken my mother’s advise. The weakness coupled with inactivity. The monotonous life of being at home and on bed sickened me all the way more. On the other hand, the short naps I kept taking in between made me feel better.

Slowly, my nose opened up and my body temperature started coming back to normal. However, I still had to take my dosage of medicines at night and continue eating foods cooked with less or no oil and spices.

Satisfaction and Success

I was glad to undergo the treatment and abide by the doctor’s advice. I could now go to school fit and healthy. Furthermore, I could not wait to meet my friends and get back all the fun.

Lastly, I committed to myself that I would never drench in rain again. I finally realized how horrible it can be to be sick.

I hope you too have understood how bad it can be to be sick!

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