An act of kindness

I’ve always been a person who loves chaos. I have always looked forward to bazaars and its crowd. The hustling and bustling brings me joy.

On a fine Saturday afternoon, my mother asked me to bring some vegetables. After taking a refreshing bath, I set out to accomplish the task. Carrying my favourite baby pink shopping bag with the shopping list inside, I left for the bazaar.

Though the sun was out, it was not that sunny and a lot of people were there buying different food items. There was a vendor to my right who had different types of fruits. The rack consisted of a succulent half-cut muskmelons and deep red watermelons. Arranged on the rack were a basket of bright yellow mangoes, some sweet strawberries and cherries too. All of these were extremely mouth-watering. Especially for a fruit lover like me.

I went to the man to buy some fruits and paid him a total of 150 rupees. There was a  vegetable seller who wore a lungi and a vest with a turban on his head. He had almost all the varieties of vegetables my mother asked me to buy. I bought a kg of potatoes, 2 kgs of onions, carrots, beans and corriander leaves.

Having completed the grocery shopping, a good amount of money was still left with me. Thus, I thought of buying chocolates and ice-creams with the left over money. I rushed to the garden beside my house to grab some ice-creams. The ice-cream vendor stood there, with his kwality walls shirt on. I knew that person as I always bought ice-creams from him. He explained to me that he was in need of some money as his wife and children were not keeping well.

Hearing his story, I felt great sorrow. I thought to myself that instead of spending the money on myself it would rather be great if I help the ice-cream man. Hence, I handed over the money to the vendor with which I initially thought of buying ice-creams. This small act of KINDNESS bought me immense satisfaction and I was extremely happy. It bought me more joy than an ice-cream stick would.

Suddenly, the weather started turning windy. That was when I decided to go to the park for spending some time. At the end of the park’s enclosure was a swing which has been my favourite ride since childhood. Sitting on the swing, I feel my soul rise up in the air, higher, higher and higher!!!! That feeling of rising up and escaping all the worldly problems is something that cannot be explained in words. Oh! what a feeling it is to be all alone!

After all the shopping and the enjoyment, I went home and handed the things to my mother. Initially, my mother was a bit upset as I had got late. Later when I told her about the act of kindness, all her anger went into vain and she praised me for my behaviour.

Kindness is free. It takes nothing of a person to be kind towards someone. Instead it gives us contentment and restitution. If each one of us start being kind and helpful towards one another, the world would be a happier place to live in. All of us would be gratified just like helping the ice cream vendor bought me satisfaction. Peace took over me and I gently closed my eyes and dozed off! That night gave me the best sleep I have ever had.

To conclude, I would say that all of us should be sympathetic to one another and help as many people as we can without thinking of our profits. And when we do this, God Almighty will provide us with our rewards in the most unexpected ways. I hope I was able to touch your soul and impart to you the innate quality of kindness

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