About Us

Welcome to Infinityyy,

where the ink takes your emotions to infinity.



Inkfinityyy is a promising platform for those who love to write and wish to make some money in their line of interest.

Yes, you heard it right! “MAKE MONEY!


Earn, utilizing your talent and passion for writing. Also, it’s not a compulsion for you to be a professional writer or experienced. Even newbies are welcome here wholeheartedly.

You could be a student as well as a lecturer, an IT firm’s employee or an artist, a homemaker or an entrepreneur, full-time content writer or a freelancer – regardless of your age, profession or experience level, here you have an opportunity to showcase your talent. It’s also a good chance for you to build a work portfolio along with some good earnings.

No matter what you write or in which style, you would always be welcomed! Be it creative short stories or articles – we would love to read and display them on Inkfinityyy.

So, Inkfinityyy is reached when the ink takes your emotions beyond infinity!




Founded by a writer, for the welfare of writers, we at Inkfinityyy, help you to polish your writing skills. Our main aim is the welfare of fellow writers who struggle in search of work or lack of experience and opportunities.


As our motto says it clearly, “YOU WRITE, YOU SHARE & YOU EARN!” – the more you write and successfully fetch audience on your write-up, the more you earn…

In fact, you earn “AS LONG AS” your article/story stays on Inkfinityyy and keeps receiving views, which simply means “FOREVER“!


Write once and earn a royalty for a lifetime!

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

So, what are you waiting for?

Get set to take a dip into the ink and lose yourself in the ocean of pure emotions. Let your feelings flow as words into the cove of paper.

Make the best use of your free-time and spin a fascinating story or pen down an amazing article for us.



We, at Inkfinityyy, wish to see each of our writers grow: grow in every aspect. We let them write to improve their skills, get a good grasp of language usage, and discover their writing style and niche of interest. By providing them with a platform, we give them an opportunity to learn, practice and flourish.

Further, the fact of getting paid as a token of appreciation becomes a source of motivation. This keeps their spirits high and instills confidence in them to take up writing as a career.



Inkfinityyy is founded and run by 2 admins:

🖊Hajera Lateef Uddin

🖊Mohammad Zareef