Slow down ageing with 9 tips: Adopt this habits for anti ageing

how to slow down ageing

We all want to slow down ageing. We don’t want to lose our beautiful body.


You hate age marks, as I and all do.


But are you getting wrinkles on your face? Or the chubby curves remind your growing age?


I have something to you all.


But is it possible to fight with ageing? Can we keep our beauty forever?


It’s not impossible too. You can slow down ageing by adopting these 10 habits.


1. Use Sunscreen to slow down ageing :

Direct sunlight gives you wrinkle, age spots, and sagging skin in the long run. If it’s cold too, never miss covering your face with sunscreens.


They will protect you from UV rays and permanent age marks.


2. Say No to smoking and drinking:


Did you know, smoking is bad for your skin too? Avoiding smoking help you slow down ageing.


Alcoholic drinks also cause harm to your skin. If you Wanna look young, limit drinking on special occasions only.


3. Priorities Good sleep:

Due to workload, I started skipping night sleep. I thought I am covering 6 hours of sleep in day times.


However, in a month, I developed dark circles and pale skin and it took me over 6 months (The whole Lockdown Season) to gain the losing charm.

Please, don’t repeat my mistake. A good 8 hours of night-time sleep is called beauty sleep.

Try it to slow down ageing and remain beautiful a more decade.

4. Eat healthily for slow down ageing :

It’s more effective to care from the inner system. No matter how much you do for your skin, it will yield you nothing unless you care from the root.

Eating habit directly effect on your skin and ageing factors. Add fruit and Vegetable in the diet to maintain healthy skin.

Unless Junk foods will help you gain more age marks.


5. Hydrate your body to reduce ageing:

Like your garden, water yourself all the season. Maintaining hydration and moisture slow down ageing.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water and put moisturizers on your skin daily.


6. Exercise:

Exercise is a good habit to resist disease and ageing. Doing Yoga or other exercise helps you to regulate blood circulation.

Always give time to yourself. Start 1-2 hours in first to see results.

It will also help you in a peaceful life.

More peace means no stress, right? And stress is the major factor who gives you age marks rapidly.


7. Be happy to slow down ageing:

Experts say, No one can harm you until you are happy. ageing also can’t affect you, and it’s proven true.

Happiness acts as a dose in slow down ageing. Always keep a positive outlook and remain stress-free.

Our attitude determines our day. Being positive and surrounded by positive people is Good practice.

You can check this article by Sadia Sajid, to know health, happiness and beauty.


8. Go to nature:

Nature is our Mother and creator. The more love you show, much more she will provide.

Spending time with nature, using natural things on the body and remaining natural without dust from society is the key to a better lifestyle.


This habit will keep you young for more years and strong.

Go to nature and nourish your ageing mind and skin. Research proves the importance of happiness to be healthy.


9. Adopt hobbies and fun time to slow down ageing:

Learning is growing. But it also keeps you away from gaining age stamps on the face.


See, when you put efforts to do something you like, you gain happy chemicals from the brain.

Like this, being social also keeps your mental health proper. Good Mental health slow down ageing and keeps many diseases away.


Final Words:

Ageing is a natural process. But remaining fit with growing age is not difficult yet. If you can adopt those healthy habits.


Slow down ageing is not only about skincare. It’s having the same positivity, stamina and health as Young stars.


Lifestyle is the key to better living, so be happy and spread the words. However, there are chemical treatments available to reduce the visibility of the signs of skin aging. These treatments cost moderately high and are a bit painful too, but deliver fast results. Such treatments include Botox.


Let me know what you think about ageing right in the comment box. See you again.

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